New Design Pages To Showcase Your Tours And Activities


We’re excited to launch a new design of our activity pages.  Based on customer feedback and user testing, we have redesigned how your tours and activities are displayed on your booking links.

These booking links are automatically generated once you set up an activity in your account.  They pull in all your essential information and everything that the customer needs to know before booking.

This is just one way that you can use our online booking system, and the links it generates to sell your activities on your website.  This link might be used when you want to display all of your activities on one link.  The customer can then see what activities are ‘bookable’ and choose what one they want.  You can also decide to use an individual booking page for each activity and include images and a more detailed description; or if your website is already quite detailed you can just direct the customer to a booking page – it’s up to you!

The links that Acteavo generate are compatible with any type of website.  Simply add the links to a ‘book now’ button and you’re ready to go.


Main features include:


Mobile Responsive


online booking system

Mobile bookings are growing alongside mobile search, with more and more people wanting to do their research and book on their mobile device.  Tnooz, highlighted this in a recent article when they talked about how mobile is going to play an increasingly central role in the travel industry in the next few years.


As a tour and activity operator it is vital that your activities can be booked using a mobile device.  If your pages are not mobile ready then the potential customers landing on your site  will get frustrated and look elsewhere.  Our product pages are fully mobile and tablet responsive, allowing your customer to easily browse and most importantly, book, your activities simply and easily.



Social share buttons

Encourage your customers to share your activities with our social share buttons.  Customers are more likely to share if they can do it with one click, so we are making it as easy as possible.  Your customers can share using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.


Where to find you

This might seem obvious, but stating your start and/or end location and having this linked to Google Maps is really useful to the customer in finding you.  A lot of businesses we have talked to have said that they were restricted from entering different start and end locations by their old online booking system which is problematic.  With Acteavo, locations can be entered for each activity you have, which may be used if you have different meeting points.


Cut out questions

Each of the activity cards can be expanded to show the user more information.  Extra information can include a more detailed description of what the activity ‘includes’ or ‘excludes’, or what the customer ‘needs to bring’.  You can choose to use these sections or not.  Our customers have found that it’s useful to include as much information as possible, reducing the need for the customer to contact you to ask questions.



Acteavo is very flexible in terms of the pricing you can charge for an activity.  Within tours and activities, pricing can range from a simple ‘Participant’ price, to ‘Child’, ‘Student’ and ‘Seniors’ to family and group pricing, early booking and total spend.  This can be adapted to your own categories.

On the product pages you can display your price showing the cheapest price available.  Customers can then see details on your discounts as they progress to the next step in the booking.  We are introducing special promotion banners which can be used to highlight special pricing on an activity.  We hope to introduce this in the next few weeks.

Danielle Mallen
Danielle Mallen
COO at Acteavo
Danielle is the COO of Acteavo and its customer experience champion. You can follow Danielle on Twitter and Linkedin.