Online Travel Agents For Tours – Viator vs GetYourGuide

The two main online travel agents selling independent tours and activities are Viator and GetYourGuide.  Surprisingly, many of our customers have yet to have heard of them.  They are not as dominant in the activity industry as say a in the hotel business.  Nonetheless, they are important and offer your tour business access to […]

Use coupons to get more tour bookings

Using coupons to sell tours and activities is very common, and is a really popular way to raise brand awareness and increase revenue. With a lot of tourism businesses competing to get customers attention, using coupons is a great way to draw customers in.   There is a lot of different terminology around ‘coupons’, so […]

Business Development For Tour Operators

Recently I was involved in founding the Latin American Travel Startups Association (LATSA).  The idea was to bring travel startups and tourism businesses together to share ideas so that they could learn from each other.  Looking back, had I known how much work was involved, I’m not sure I’d have committed to being involved.  There […]

5 Things That Make Tour Operators Stand Out From The Crowd

 1. Unique Selling Point Having a successful tour business is not as simple as ‘build it and they will come’ or rather ‘offer it and they will come’.  There are a lot things involved in being a successful tour operator, but having a great product that is unique is a really good start. Think about what […]

What’s your tour sales strategy?

The key is getting more sales is not just down to one thing.  There’s no magic trick that if you do this one thing then your booking numbers will explode.  There are a number of areas however that if you concentrate on and do well in, then an increase in sales will naturally follow.  These […]

Get your tour website to perform for you

These days your tour website is your greatest asset.  It’s where most people will find you, book you and refer you.  However, for many this is not the case.  Their website generates too little traffic, doesn’t show up in search engines and doesn’t change for years.  Unfortunately there are too many zombie tour and activity […]

Starting Your Own Food Tour Business

Thinking of starting your own food tour? Food tours are certainly big business.  People seem to be getting more interested in food all the time.  Maybe its Masterchef or colourful Pinterest boards, whatever the reason there is no doubt that food is one of the growing trends in travel. If your thinking of starting your […]

Why Blog? The Tour Operator’s Guide To Creating a Winning Strategy

If you’re a tour or activity company you might be considering whether you need a blog.  You may think it’s unnecessary as you don’t get many repeat customers or that it’s too much work for such a low return.  Well you’d be wrong.  Having a blog is vital for tourism companies particularly if you own […]

Fearful of TripAdvisor? Here are some quick hacks to boost your listing

TripAdvisor has become a travel industry behemoth in the past 15 years.  It’s generated over 190 million reviews and attracts 315 million visitors to the site monthly. With this volume of traffic and influence it can be the difference between running a market leading attraction and just treading water. It is slightly worrying how much […]

WordPress: 5 great reasons to power your website with it

Getting a website is often a daunting experience for many non-technical business people.  Sometimes you feel like it’s beyond you that it’s akin to the “Twilight Zone” and mere mortals such as you couldn’t possibly understand what’s going on. Well you’re WRONG.  You can and should manage your own website and we’re going to tell […]